Kitchen Sink Dish Washing Soap Sponge Brush Caddy Draining Organiser with Cloth Drying Hanger

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Essential kitchen sink washing accessory - soap liquid brush sponge - stand - bottle brushes holder with drying dish cloth racks Keep your dish washing and kitchen cleaning gear organised with a perfectly designed storage caddy stand to keep your counters clutter-free and washing essentials in place. Ultimate storage device for kitchen cleaning utensils Storage compartment for holding liquid cleaning soap bottle Sponge and dishwashing brush draining rack Removable bottom base so no mould risk and easy to clean Easy hanging hook mount to dry dish cloths Removable for easy cleaning and dishwasher. Extremely practical design to fit all size kitchens The practical unique sink storage caddy holder from Colourblocker features the rubber-style dish-brush holding grip with a sponges and brushes draining rack and rail for letting dishcloths dry off without taking up extra space. The reason to go with this kitchen sink cleaning organiser is because it's made from durable quality plastic that never rusts - unlike most other stainless-steel and metal dish sink brush soap and sponge holders. This one prevents bacteria germs and harmful bacteria. If you're going to organise your dish washing sink and utensils - this is the easy to dismantle and clean sturdy sink caddy you need. Specifications Material: ABS Durable Plastic Colour and White Dishwasher safe Size: 21*11*13 cm

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